The Covid Pandemic has hit everyone hard, families in need are worse off than they have ever been before. Consider helping us keep families warm this winter by donating. Check out our final fundraising efforts of 2021 here: Final Fundraiser of 2021

Think Giving is an initiative started by a socially responsible business network called TRBN (Thinkreferrals Business Network), which facilitates an organized setting for representatives of local Business to Develop and Grow within Chapters (Business Teams) which meet on a weekly basis in all areas of the lower mainland.  The primary function of these groups is the sharing of experiences and offering support to each other and the community we Network in.

Since 2010 when we first started sponsoring Families in need through the difficult Christmas Season, we created our own Non Profit Society allowing us to do more for families within our local communities. The Think Giving Non Profit Society focuses specifically on local families in need where our goal is not only to help during the Christmas Holidays but to make a difference for weeks or months after Christmas and ultimately to find ways to help families no longer need our help.

We have donated clothing, furniture, dishes, pots and pans, even computers when they are available.  Some of our members have volunteered their time and helped with Resume writing and have gone so far as to donate business attire to help make a good impression during job interviews.

Helping hands for families in need